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At its center, a male portrait stands resolute, shrouded in a blindfold, the emblem of justice impartial and unyielding. This blindfold is not just a mere cloth, but a symbol of the scales of justice, blinding him to the biases of the world, a stark reminder of the virtue justice must uphold - impartiality. It's a statement that underlines the concept that justice must be administered blindly, without partiality or prejudice, for true justice to be achieved.

The pair of outstretched hands is another captivating symbol, seemingly reaching out with intent to help, yet rendered powerless. These hands are like the very embodiment of the human condition in the face of justice. They embody our desire to right wrongs, to help those in need, yet they remain frozen, highlighting how justice often eludes even the best intentions.

The newspaper serves as a profound commentary. It is not merely a piece of newsprint; it speaks volumes about the necessity of evidence in the pursuit of justice. It emphasizes the importance of facts and truths in a world where perception can be deceiving and where, without solid evidence, the scales of justice may falter.

'Blind Justice' is not just a painting; it’s an invitation to reflect, to contemplate the blindfolded figure, the outstretched yet powerless hands, and the newspaper, all beckoning us to ponder the essence of fairness, equity, and truth.

Blind Justice

AED5,999.00 Regular Price
AED4,000.00Sale Price
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