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Founder of Hayat Arts- An art-promoting organization

Recognized as the Top 10 Alpha Women

Ambassador of Art - Italy 2024


Member of The Art Association (TAA) - Geneva, Switzerland


Member of Dubai Business Women’s Council (DBWC) - Dubai, UAE

Featured in the FAME PUBLICATION - Top 10 Public Figures.

Secured 3rd place in the International Art Contest - GoldenTimes Award - London

Awarded with the “Gulf Achievers Award” 2023 (October 2023).

Awarded with the “Emerald ARTYA Award” by ArtTour International Magazine.

Donated my artwork to the Telavi Historical Museum, in Georgia.

Honored with the “UAE’s Mastermind Author Award” for my poetry book ‘Elegy’.

Awarded the “Artistic Career Award 2023” by EFFETTO ARTE Foundation.

Received the “OSCAR CLAUDE MONET AWARD” by CreArtors collective for outstanding artworks exhibited.

Awarded the International Prize Michelangelo's "The Genius of Italy".

Featured in the "WORLD ART ENCYCLOPEDIA" of International Contemporary Artists 6th edition 2023.

Featured among the "Hundred Best Artists" by World Art Fair and World Art Media 2023.

Acquired 61st position in the Top 500 (Out Of 83,641 registered participants).

International Ambassador and member of DRDC (Dawn Research and Development Council.

Solo immersive digital display of artworks at the Theatre of Digital Arts.

Featured in Magzoid “Artist in focus 2023” coffee table magazine.

Featured in “Artist Talk Magazine” 2023

Featured in “GloriousIndia Magazine” award-special issue 2023 awarded for co-authoring “Floret”, a collective book of poems. Jec publication.

Secured 3rd place in Indian Art Carnival 2023

Award for violet - International exhibition Kolkata, Tobuvimaan

Grab the calendar by Creators Collective Space 2023

UAE Achievers Award by Epricx

International Literature Awards 2022

Magical Hands Award by Indian Art Factory

Secured second place at the annual student art show by Fununarts 2022, Dubai.

Youth Achievers Award by GloriousIndia Awards 2022.

Medal for art contest senior category (21-39 years)season 4 by Indian Art Factory.

Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award for my poetry book “Elegy”.

International Literature award by learningaveinfotech.

Solo article feature in Hindustan Chronicles.

Global Pride Award for talent and achievement by Indian art factory.

Positioned at 22nd place out of 8,633 for the best writer a competition organized by Hashtag Kalakaar.

Positioned 27th place out of 4,082 for the best artworks competition organized by Hashtag Kalakaar.

Gold medal of "Appreciable Artists" and L.O.R for artworks by International Art contest.

Inclusion of poems in "Anthology" magazine 'Beautiful mishaps' | The Quill House.

Featured in the Dubai art luxury magazine "magzoid" 2022.

Won the "Albrecht Durer Award" in an International Art Competition 2022 held by Creartors Collective 2022.

I was also invited to the UAE’s largest live painting at Index, where I painted the emirate of Sharjah. Khaleej Times, a leading newspaper in the UAE, has also published and recognized this

Won the "Rembrandt Award" in an international art competition in 2022 held by Creartors Collective.

Featured in the Dubai art luxury magazine "Magzoid" 2021.

Artworks displayed in Marsa Ajman art exhibition held by Artoze 2021.

Published my poetry book “Elegy” by Kalopsia Wiz. Available on Amazon and published my article on "sensitivity-in-men" on

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